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I never wanted to teach yoga...

Yoga was my escape room.

From all things life hurled at me, that at times became too much to bear.

But when I rolled out my mat, all the inner and outer noises went quiet. The endless worries were able to be shelved for those 60 minutes ahead in class, and I could feel.

Feel connection to myself which sat on mute most of the time throughout my day. I became aware of breathing in and out, where and why I was holding my breath when the thoughts turned back on, where sensations were arising from my body and why I needed to listen to them.

I recall quite vividly, the conversation with my YTT200 teacher, "I don't want to teach yoga. I just want to deepen my own practice, is that ok? Can I sign up for this and NOT teach?"

Famous last words.

Friends, truly shows me, time and time never say never.

It hit me like that first blast of true bitter winter cold we get here in Canada. You know the day; the day when you step outside and breathe in, and the inside of your nose freezes -- about halfway through my yoga teacher training, "how can I NOT teach yoga to others?" was just like that nasal flash freeze. I thought to myself, everyone needs this so deeply in their lives, if I was any good at this, it needed to be shared ASAP!

So here we are.

I am teaching, and I am learning.

The unending learning that comes with this journey. I am deeply humbled and grateful to be able to have your trust in guiding your practices. I deeply appreciate how sacred this time is on your mat, and I want to thank you for allowing me to tread foot in your 'safe room'.

Om, Shanti


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