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Have you lied today?

Timothy Leary quoted the term, "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." This relates to the idea, that truth lies in the way we see things to be true. So ask yourself, I living my truth? Do I feel fulfilled in the way I choose to live my life? Am I speaking and acting truthfully; or looking to gain approval or acceptance from others?

As we continue in this blog series, let's look at the second Yama of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's, Satya (translated as truthfulness). Satya is one of the highest callings in our yoga practice because it relates to our deep inner truth.

What lies in your heart? Is there an underlying 'hook', for your reasons in doing something? Or does it align with your true self? The loving part of us, which lies deeply in our heart.

I recently heard Ayurvedic leader, Dr. John Douillard elude to this concept in one of his podcast episodes. He used the example of gift giving. It really gave me a sense of pause. I took time to feel what he was saying and then explore my own practice of Satya.

In the episode, he discussed a study where they examined Hedonism.

Before you jump over to Google, hedonism relates to the motivations behind our actions - to elicit pain or pleasure. Ok, circling back now...

In the study, they explored the chemical reactions in our bodies when someone gave a gift purely from the heart with absolutely NO expectations. No waiting for a thank you, or needing to hear "Did you like it?". Straight up, gifting with no attachments. They then compared this response to people who gave the gift waiting for feedback from the receiver.....well guess what..., those who gave purely showed higher levels of all the feel good hormones and chemicals our bodies so miraculously produce versus the participants who gave hedonistically. Mind blown yet? Mine truly was! I often can't wait to have my children open their gifts so I can receive the 'feels' based on their reactions! So what was this saying about me, and my journey with Satya and what was there to learn by it?

Ok, so when we aren't giving gifts to people, how do we inject Satya into our daily life?

A few considerations from the teachings, I have found to be helpful:

  • In times of conflict, insecurity or ego driven behaviours,... be honest. Don't fall into lying as an act of self preservation. Be YOU. Even if that means vulnerability, or rejection. Wouldn't you rather know people are accepting you for you? Or carrying a persona which you're wearing like a Halloween costume!?

  • Be sincere and authentic, and just watch the rush of trust and security come flooding towards you from people in your life. People can feel genuine authenticity from you, I promise!

  • Before you respond, consider this great saying: Is it true? Is it necessary? And is it kind? If you land at 2 out of 3, I would offer you the advice to hit pause on the spoken word. Personally, when I practice these, if I land short of the 3, my intentions for saying the 'thing' is usually to feed the ego, and we all know that customer never satiates!

  • Be honest with yourself about the realities of your life. Are you tired of your job? Are you in a relationship which is more trying than joyful? Do you give out more of yourself to others then caring for yourself? Be honest. Through the lens of your TRUE self. Your heart knows. Listen to it.

  • Satya on the yoga mat....Why are you practicing today? What are your reasons? Ask these questions to illuminate the truth you are bringing to your practice. Maybe you want to try that challenging pose again today. And prove to yourself you can do it. And that is OK! Own that truth, and be with it. This guides you towards the higher value of our practice. Yoga is about dissolving our attachment to our outer physical self and drop into feeling. Feeling our true self, our inner being. So maybe today your true self wants to conquer a pose. Maybe tomorrow, its to quiet your mind and connect with your inner quiet. Its all part of the journey, so be IN IT, truthfully.

This week, I invite you to explore Satya.

What is true for you?

How do you practice this truth?

When do you catch yourself in a lie? To yourself, or to others?

How will you let Satya guide your coming your heart.

Om, Shanti,


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